About Us

RAP is a not-for-profit healthcare provider specializing in evidence-based interventions for the treatment of substance use disorders (SUDs) and co-occurring mental illness. We strive to eliminate treatment barriers by putting the needs of our clients first through person-centered, strengths-focused and cultural-, gender- and trauma-informed care.

Our treatment philosophy is grounded in cultural values, respecting and supporting individuals and their communities and recognizing that each person’s culture is an inseparable part of his or her self-image.

We have served the Washington metropolitan area since 1970, treating more than 1,000 people each year. Patients and residents include the homeless, persons with co-occurring mental health disorders and those living with HIV and other medical co-morbidities.

We employ approximately 80 people, many of whom are alumni of our programs.

RAP is licensed by the District of Columbia Department of Behavioral Health and operates residential and outpatient SUD treatment programs at its Eckington campus in Northeast Washington DC.


As a Community, we are united in our struggle. 
We say yes to life and no to things which threaten to destroy us. 
Today we move toward a lifestyle of human values based on love, governed by honesty, and secured by trust. 
No longer do we stand alone. 
We must be as open as the air…with the will to survive, the will to learn, and the will to create.
We are a creative force motivated by each other; 
For the will of the people is the greatest force conceivable


Our mission is…

to empower individuals to choose a productive life over addiction;
to teach the behavioral skills, attitudes and values necessary to prosper physically, emotionally, and spiritually; and
to reconnect clients to loved ones and to their community with a new appreciation of self and social responsibility.

Contact Us

RAP logo

1949 4th Street NE

Washington, D.C. 20002

T (202) 740-4429

F (202) 462-2309

Leadership Team

Kristy Blalock, LCPC, MAC

Executive Director


Virginia Reid, MHS, E.d.

Deputy Director


John Hogan, MD

Medical Director


Tokunbo Obidiran, RN

Director of Health Services


Board of Directors

Mr. Charles P. Austin


Executive Committee

Ms. Donna MP Wilson, Esq.

Vice Chair and Secretary

Executive Committee

Mr. Charles Stephenson, Jr.

Chair, Development Committee

Executive Committee

Mr. Gary R. Fiorelli

Mr. John Hogan, MD

Ms. Kathy Flewellen

Mr. Othello Mahone

Ms. Roscoe Dellums, Esq.

Mr. Dale Klatzker, PhD

Mr. John Mercer, Esq.

Chair Emeritus

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